The Create + Restore Brand sells vintage, handmade, and upcycled clothing, accessories and home décor, as well as fresh baked goods with locally-sourced ingredients. We find opportunities to connect style, sustainability and affordability. And we empower women and their families to curate lives that give back to their environments.

Don’t miss the recent Redfin article The Create + Restore Brand was featured in: “Top Tips and Tricks for a Zero Waste Kitchen”

If your favorite room in your home is your kitchen, then it’s likely that you’ve spent many hours cooking and cleaning up after a meal. Chances are you’ve also seen all the food scraps and paper towels that end up being thrown out. Whether you’re living in Austin, TX or Phoenix, AZ, find out what you can do to
take steps toward creating a zero waste kitchen.

To help you get started, we, along with other sustainability experts from across the country, shared some of our best tips and tricks for a zero waste kitchen with Redfin. Check out what we had to say so you can start your journey towards sustainability with ease!

Top Tips and Tricks for a Zero Waste Kitchen

Love Plants and Coffee? Grab Your Mug Today!

I know that it's cold outside right now, but I'm spending this time catching up on work and planning out our Spring 2021 garden. I have big plans for our garden. In addition to providing my son and mom with better vegetable options, I've always wanted my neighbors and people in my community to walk by my house and ask questions about gardening and to be encouraged to start their own urban garden. Last season, I was happy to see people take an interest.

Currently, I container garden on the side of the house. But this year, I want to expand to the front and back yards my adding cinderblock raised beds for a more interactive feel. The front yard will be herbs, the side of the house will be flowers and the backyard will be vegetables and fruit.

So this year, I've designed this fun, 11 ounce coffee mug for the plant lover in all of us.

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