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5 Ways to make sure you only buy what you need.

To pass the time as I clean, I’ve started watching the show “Hoarders”. If you haven’t heard of the show, it documents the process a crew takes to help a person address their extreme hoarding disorder and to declutter the home. The family normally intervenes on behalf of the hoarder and the show will bring out a counselor and a cleanup team to work with the person to pull together their life. Very often, it’s found out that the person has suffered some sort of trauma or loss in their life and that is what triggered the hoarding. Regardless of the reason, there is a serious issue, and while it might not be as extreme, I could see a few of the characteristics displayed in me. No, I don’t have trash and junk laying around. But I’ve used retail therapy to numb me from some pain and trauma I had been holding on to. It had been a crutch to enable me and it dug me into a hole that I’m having to dig out of now. And if you don’t get a grip on what you’re going through, it will only get worse.


Have too much stuff? Here's a simple way to clean out your closets this fall (for real).

One of the first things you can do to live a more sustainable life is to take ownership of what you actually own. For me, that means actually going through my closet and getting a handle of my own shopping issues. Being a responsible steward of your resources means that you know what you have, how you use it (or plan to use it), and where it will be stored. So as I sit here helping my mom go through her clothes, I want to share some tried and true tips to help you start your own closet cleanout process. This is the process we take whenever we're going through things in our home and has helped us to responsibly get rid of things that we don't need and make several donations of goods to local organizations that can actually use them.


Do you shop too much? The reason why we buy so much stuff.

By now, most people know that society has a problem. The world has too much junk-literally. And we love it. After all, Americans throw away about 81 pounds of clothing yearly. We know that textile pollution is real and that some materials don’t biodegrade in our landfills. We know that fast fashion is contributing to climate change and that it’s perpetuating poor working and living conditions in the countries that we source to. These are things proven by science, facts, and common sense. And yet, WE STILL SHOP-even when we don’t need a thing. Why? Shopping doesn’t only fill a physical need. It fills an emotional need.


What is stylish, sustainable, affordable living?

I’ll admit it. I was a fast fashion junkie. In my 20s I would go to what I used to call my “club stores” and buy an outfit for that weekend’s festivities. I loved them because the outfits were cheap, and since I didn’t wear anything more than once, the fact that they always had new stuff worked out to my advantage. I fell victim to the gimmick that clothes could be easily attained and easily discarded. I wasted so much money on clothes and those resources that it took to make those items (i.e. labor, time, supplies) were used in vain.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one out here wasting clothes. “The average American throws away around 81 pounds of clothing yearly.” (Saturday Evening Post, 2018). That’s thrown away-not donated or recycled. Here are some more shocking statistics:


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