There’s a deep connection between people and food. My grandmother taught me early that a great sweet can heal a broken heart, comfort a loss, or unite a community. And let’s be honest, they just taste so GOOD.  So, in honor of my grandmother, we’re launching Zo’s Baked Goods, our curated selection of sustainable sweets.  All of our baked goods are made-to-order, eliminating unnecessary food waste. We also use as many natural, locally-sourced ingredients as possible, eliminating emissions caused from long-range transportation and supporting our local farmers and makers. Plus, 10% of our proceeds go towards feeding the homeless.

All of our baked goods are sold by pre-order only. Orders can be made Sunday through Wednesday for socially distanced drive-by 'porch' pickups on Sundays from 1-5pm (in the South Oak Cliff area).* A confirmation email will be sent to you with the location and time of your pickup. If selected, you'll receive a text the morning of your pickup. No refunds or exchanges are accepted at this time. Thank you for shopping with us!

For questions about the menu and purchasing, email us at


When I was growing up, my grandmother and I connected over sweets. Sometimes just seeing her make me my own little cake lifted my spirits after a hard day. If we can provide that same feeling to a family during this time, or that feeling of food normalcy for someone that might not eat a regular meal, then we've done our job.
Zo's Initiative provides food to ministries in Dallas serving food to the homeless. When you make a donation to this initiative, your money goes toward the supplies needed to make and serve those items safely. In addition, 10% of the proceeds from Zo's Baked Goods goes to serve those in need.
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